8 Must-Have Essentials to Improve Your Search Engine Optimization Enhancement Plans

Most Important Aspects of Effective SEO Plans

When you own a website, it goes to say that search engine optimization is something that you should pay attention to. This is because successful implementation of SEO tools and strategies is the surest way for your page to rank higher on major search engines’ search results page. Once you implement these strategies well, your website will surely be found at the most critical places in the buying process of your target prospects.

22To help you in implementing these strategies, here are eight must-have essentials that you can utilise to make your SEO implementation plan successful and eventually pay off.

First off, think your website as cake. The content that you put in your web page, the information architecture, the infrastructure, and the content management system are the “sugar” that makes the cake sweet and appealing. Without these, the cake will taste nothing and will most likely be thrown into the bin. The links that you put, the social media acts that you add are the icing to the cake. So if you want to ensure that your cake tastes better than others, improve the quality of “sugar” which is your SEO that you mix in your recipe- considering that not all sugar are created equal.

Second, understand what search engine bots are looking for. Major search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo use algorithms or commonly called as “bots” or “spiders” to crawl and read all the data of every website in the internet. The data they read will be judged according to the quality of their content and the legitimacy of the links and other vital elements.

Third, avoid adding elements that search engines find penalty-worthy. There are practices that search engines find offensive and are considered spammy or illegal. These practices may include but not limited to keyword stuffing, purchasing irrelevant links, and poor user experience.

Fourth, recognize your business model. Although this sounds quite obvious, many website owners actually don’t find the time to think about the right type of business model they want to implement in their business plans. To do this, define what conversion is for you, be clear of your goals, and be aware of your assets and liabilities.

Fifth, optimize your webpages for multi channels. The keywords you use in your search engine optimization should not only apply to the implementations you do on-site but also on other channels especially the social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, and LinkedIn.

Sixth, get consistent with your domain names. Domain names are what stick to most people when visiting a site. So make sure that you implement the best practices with domain names like keeping your domain old school (meaning basic and simple),  keeping consistency on subdomains, and placing your keywords on the domain name itself.

Seventh, optimize for different types of results. This means creating rich media contents, optimizing non-text contents in your web pages, and adding useful information that would make your visitors return.

Eight, don’t forget your meta data. Make sure that your metadata talks specifically about the page it is added and formatted correctly. Moreover, the meta description should be unique and speak specifically of that page as well.


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