Characteristics of Well Designed Website for eCommerce

How to Design an eCommerce Website

Do you have a favorite website? Is there an online store that you really love to visit all the time even if you are not planning to buy anything? What do you love about the website? Is it the ease of navigation from one page to another or the seamless design?

56In online marketing, especially for eCommerce websites, the functionality and design are two elements that are seriously taken into consideration. It is considered a smart move to build your brand first online in order to attract potential customers. Positive user experience will bring back the customers to your site. They could also share it through social media sites, which will increase your site’s web traffic even more.

How do you give your customers a positive experience when they visit your website? There are different methods but the design of the website plays a huge role. In building a website, there are countless of designs to choose from. You must have a unique eCommerce website design. The overall structure must be clear for every visitor. Complicated navigations on an eCommerce website will make you lose a potential customer. So what must be included in the design process?

  1. The Logo

A website’s logo serves as the business card. Make your online store’s logo significant and clear. It should be recognizable and gives an element of trust for the business. Check out the logos of popular brands. The font is simple and easy to read. The homepage has minimal features, like the logo and a large image or video. These can suffice to provide visitors the idea on what your site is offering.

  1. Clear Navigation

Customers will leave your website happy if they easily found what they were looking for. It can be done by working closely with your web designer and discuss on how the products or services you are offering should be categorized.  The structure of the navigation must be clear and concise. Labels must be easy to understand for the customers. It may sound cool to you but might not make sense to them. Additionally, the more buttons they need to click before arriving at the right page will make disinterested to purchase a product or hire you.

  1. Mobile Responsive

eCommerce websites must be mobile responsive. Your mobile website must be as clean and well-designed just like your desktop website. Nowadays, everyone can shop online wherever they are as long as they have their tablets or mobile phones. Sizes of images, videos and texts must adapt to mobile phone users. Make a mobile friendly website design to avoid losing customers.

  1. Quality Photos

Online customers cannot touch the items you are selling until they purchase and receive it. Similar case for those who are interested to hire your plumbing services, for example. How do you guarantee your visitors that your products and services are genuine and of top quality? The best way is to add photos aside from the description, but it must be quality photos. Provide at least three quality photos for each product you are selling. For services, post before and after photos of your projects. This will give your customers ideas on the quality of your work. You will also make your customer happier if a zoom option is added.

These are only four of the characteristics that you should consider for eCommerce website design. Surely, you will have a spot-on design for your online shop that every customer will be happy about.


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